Director and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Olumuyiwa Olanrewaju

Dr. Olumuyiwa Olanrewaju (2)

Olumuyiwa is the Chief Executive Officer, Watershed Fund Management Limited. He was pioneer CEO of Watershed Capital Limited – a financial advisory firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a Ph. D. in Energy Finance from Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL), University of Ibadan, Nigeria.   He is a seasoned Investment Analyst and Manager.  He has several years of experience as a Business Analyst, having worked in leading investment research firms in Nigeria. Olumuyiwa pioneered and championed the establishment of both Investment Research and Investment Management Departments of Marina Securities Limited where he served as the pioneered Head of both Departments. He rose to the position of Chief Economist and Head Research and Investment Management Department of the company. He is an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, Nigeria.

Muyiwa is also an Authorized Dealing Clerk  of the Nigeria Exchange. He was  an independent member of  Investment Committees of Afrinvest Equity Fund, Nigeria International Debt Fund and Afrinvest Plotus Fund. He brings to bear analytical skills through his mastery of investment research techniques, investment appraisal, portfolio management and project finance.  His special area of interest is energy finance. Olumuyiwa has led his team to raise funds for different projects in Nigeria across sectors like health, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agricultural, telecommunication, oil & gas, petrochemical sectors and other infrastructures. He has also facilitated several training programmes in finance and investment. These have continued to strengthen the company’s capabilities.



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